I’ve been resisting against turning adds on my blog for almost one year. The main reason against it is because I feel that WordPress had done pretty bad design over it and provides literally zero control over it to the blog owners. All I can do is turn it on or off. I have no control on how adds are displayed on my site. I have waited for more than one year on them doing some improvements to the advertising platform and nothing have changed. So I have decided to turn on adds on the site and see what it will bring in one month and if over the twelve month timeframe it will cover all the hosting expenses or not. Maybe over time WordPress will eventually give more control on how these adds can be displayed.

Graveyard Trail Waterfalls

Third day in a row with time lapse videos here guys. This one if from the Graveyard Fields Waterfalls trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway, about 30 miles south from Asheville.

Graveyard Fields, click to see in high def!

and here is the video

Graveyards Field Water Falls from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “Waterfalls

  1. Nice work as always, beautiful place. I pay WP $30.00 a year to remove those ads. I certainly understand the motives for advertising but find advertising to be the scourge of the Internet, Television and Radio. WP also never responds to any requests of any kind that I send them. Worst customer service in America.

    1. yep, I pay them to remove it as well, plus domain name, plus custom design. by using their WordsAdds program I can get portion of the advertising revenue from the displayed adds. If it will cover all hosting expenses and have any additional profit on top then it might be worth to keep it. I wish I had some control over where to display them and in what shape to display them.

      1. It’s always just a video on the bottom isn’t it? I have considered moving to another platform now and then but I have so many friends here that it wouldn’t be good to move. WP is good but…

        1. well, not really, on this blog they display horizontal bar at the top, vertical on the right side and then video on the bottom of the post. On my other blog (http://CloudIdentityBlog.com) they display only videos at the bottom, not other two. I have no idea why. The other blog is technical and gets a little less traffic than this one, but I have experimented with that one on changing themes and it only shows videos. The controls for WordAdds are the same on both, so it is hard to know why one behaves different from the other.

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