Friday Mystery Photo

Hello my dear readers, today is last Friday of the summer and beginning of the long holiday weekend. We are planning on a short visit to Asheville and maybe some hiking around Mount Mitchel. I hope weather cooperates and provide us with some nice white puffy clouds and low humidity for comfortable time in the mountains. You go and have some outdoorsy stuff too!

So last Friday was super easy, it probably took you only five second to figure out where Stockyard Café was located. Today we are going to increase the difficulty, no obvious giveaways in the photo, unless, of course you been there and know where it is. There were a lot of pigeons there and they were all spoiled by tourists who fed them right off their hands. But none of them were white, except this guy (girl perhaps?), checking me out from a safe distance. As you can see the walls are looking pretty old, and while I have no idea if they are really old, or they have been recently “remodeled”, they could be very old, because it is that type of place. OK, enough clues, you have to tell us where it is and if that bird is a boy or a girl.

Happy birding!

Weekend Update: Well, no one got this one right, also, only couple people even attempted it. Nope, it is not in Turkey. It is in old town San Juan Puerto Rico.

White Pigeon - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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Golden Gate Bridge Flowers

Last night I was looking for a photo to publish and randomly selecting different folders to see if anything will catch my eye. This one felt right and here it is for you guys to enjoy as well.

Golden Gate Bridge Flowers - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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Light me Up

We spent there only one day, but experienced all type of winter weather we could ask for. Sunny skies, dark stormy clouds, snow, fog and wind. All appeared in the span of 10 hours. With the size of the Grand Canyon you could see snow falls just a few miles away while you were under the perfect blue skies, then it would move your way and you’d be snowed in while other spots would be lighted up by the sun. Really awesome experience.

So here is another one from the Grand Canyon series.  

Grand Canyon - Click to see in Hi Resolution!

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Friday Mystery Photo

Google Glass for Travel Bloggers?

Google is trying to position their upcoming eyewear gadget as something fashionable and for everyday and everyone use. They even going to show it in Vogue September edition on super models. I’ve been thinking about it and trying to figure out if it is something I can use in my life. As of right now the only potential use that I can see with this gadget is when I’m traveling and shooting photos – I can potentially use it to shoot some videos of where I am and what I’m doing. Of course it remains to be seen on the quality of the video, that tiny little camera will hardly produce a good quality videos, especially in potentially harsh lightning conditions. Even then I have reservations about it. While I might shoot the videos with it or some low quality photos, I might not ever use it. See, last year I bought GoPro Hero3 camera, it is small and easy to use, so I shoot a lot of little time lapses and videos with it – but I have yet to make anything out off all that shooting, I just don’t have time to do it. So if I had a Google Glass, I fear it would end up in the same bucket, I might record with it, but never end up doing anything with it. So why bother? I truly do not see myself using it for search or directions or any other nonsense stuff they want it to be used. Got other great tools with much better surface to do it.

Would you find a practical use with it? Would you care that you’d look somewhat like a dork with both of your eyes looking up in the sky when you try to look with your right eye?

Today’s Photo

I don’t think I should provide you with any clues, as it is already there. Easy one this week. Where is it?

I’ll update the post with correct location and mention anyone who got it right. Happy hunting!

Sunday update: Yep, it was an easy one. Just put “Stockyard Café” in your favorite search program and it will show that it is indeed in Bozeman Montana. Thanks for stopping by guys!

Stockyard Cafe - Click to see it in Hi Resolution!

5, 4, 3, 2 and One








And One Path that leads to it all…

Click me, Click me, Click me!!!

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