Salt Lake City Sunset

The last fourteen or so posts showed day by day our our summer vacation. Anyone with investigative powers can reconstruct the entire route that we took from Salt Lake City and back to it, fourteen days later. Before our flight back to the East coast on a red eye flight, we stopped at the Ensign Peak Nature Park to see how Salt Lake City looks during sunset.

One thing that anyone will notice in Salt Lake City is the big presence of industrial complexes. I have no idea what type of industries are all those complexes, but they were an eye sore, especially after seeing all the natural beauty around there.

Salt Lake City Sunset - Click to see in high resolution

27 thoughts on “Salt Lake City Sunset

    1. it was a great trip, we visited five states, with four of them being new states! getting closer to cover all fifty, only 29 to go.

  1. Those ‘industrial complexes’ include the NSA data storage CITY, where anything and everything electronic will be captured and stored. Not only is it an eyesore, but consumes enormous amounts of water (in a desert) and energy. The facility is not only a natural resources hog, but also creepy by its designated intentions….

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