Good Morning

At the end of our two week vacation we decided to spend two more days in Grand Teton National Park. On one of the days we got up super early to see if he can catch a nice sunrise and went for a little hike on the hill. As I was walking through the thick brush I noticed some fur between the sticks and at first I thought that it was a deer, getting some rest, but after a slow approach it happen to be a sleeping red fox.

He saw me but at first didn’t really care that I was there. I have never seen red fox in such close proximity and didn’t know what to expect, I thought that he would jump and run away. He didn’t. This little guy probably hang out there for at least 4-5 minutes, glancing at me ones in a while, but otherwise he just continued to get his snoozing. During that time I was able to switch lens on my camera and get super zoom and take this shot at 400mm, making it super awesome high resolution shot.

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16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. This is a wonderful shot! I love the moment you have captured and, as you say, there is great detail and clarity. How privileged you were that he (or she?!) was happy to let you share their snooze.

  2. —Beautiful picture! I have been to the Grand Tetons before and have been amazed by the amount of sheer crisp beauty there is there (the mountains look like they are in high definition!)

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