Sprinkling it Out

I have never seen long sprinkler systems on the East coast, maybe because I never paid attention or maybe because we really do not have these at the East coast farmer fields, not sure. But I saw many of them in Montana, Idaho and eastern Washington states. They really are not that interesting when water is not running and even when water is running they don’t look any special, unless of course it is early morning and you happen to drive at the angle that makes the water stand out and you can see every drop of it coming from the sprinkler. Then they look kind of magical, well, at least they did to me. We drove by many of them and I could never stop and take a shot, until we had an opportunity in Idaho to pull off the highway and take this shot.

and, yeah, as most photos, to see the details you have to see it in higher resolution.

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16 Responses to Sprinkling it Out

  1. guillaumebx says:

    Nice eye 😉 at the right time, sprinklers definitly make the picture work !

  2. mvschulze says:

    Beautiful capture, and yes the higher resolution really gives it perspective. These sprinkling systems are really quite common in the farming regions of the east: South Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and many others, for example – whenever you get away from the megalopolis population areas The crops would suffer badly without them in periods of moderate to severe drought. M

  3. Rich Lewis says:

    Nice capture of farming at work. I will agree with mvschulze and say that these irrigation systems are very widely used anywhere the fields are flat. Here in South Jersey they are all over the place.

  4. Sandra says:

    Center pivot irrigation systems were invented in Nebraska. 🙂

    Beautiful capture!

  5. You see those all over the place driving on I-16 between Macon Ga and the east coast as well as every other farming area in Georgia. I’ve always wanted to see them moving. They have wheels on them and I wonder how they move around? Either way I’m sure it’s a huge operation.

  6. John says:

    Beautiful photo! Where I lived in Michigan there was one of these sprinklers about 2 miles from our house, never saw it running though.

  7. Amy says:

    Beautiful, like a painting…

  8. uglicoyote says:

    Almost all of the potatoes in Idaho are grown under sprinkler. Some are driven by water that moves through them but most are electrically driven with a motor on each tower.. http://www.kuriositas.com/2012/06/center-pivot-irrigation-explained.html fro some beautiful airial photos of fields with center pivot systems. They were actually invented by a farmer in in Texas, not Nebraska.

  9. natuurfreak says:

    i never see a think like that..great picture.

  10. nathanwyss says:

    I once had the job of moving those sprinklers across Montana fields. Taking photos of them is much more fun. Great shot.

  11. Great photo! When we lived in Indiana, we saw many of these systems on farms. I never saw them in the South until we moved back to Georgia and took backroads instead of the interstate to Florida. We saw them in South Georgia and in Florida.

  12. sadhchyme says:

    beautiful picture up there, the composition is really dynamic and the post processing part of it, is simply perfect. Thanks for the share 😀

  13. Nice counter play of textures in clouds, water spray and grass as well as colors ~

  14. Dmitrii says:

    thanks all! my daughter told me this evening that I probably really never pay attention to the East coast farms, as she said she saw plenty these type of sprinklers. I guess when I drive around NC, SC, VA, GA I’m not in vacation state of mind and not pay a lot of attention to what is right out there in my “back” yard.

  15. riebobs says:

    Just gorgeous

  16. Gorgeous photo, these irrigation systems are seen all over Kentucky, especially during droughts.

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