Palouse Sunrise

Yesterday’s photo is from the same area as this photo. For this one we had to get up super early and get our selves to the Steptoe Butte State Park to enjoy the sunrise and have beautiful 360 views of the eastern Washington. I would go to this area again, in a heartbeat, to see it all over again. Beautiful place. If you never been there, put it on your bucket list and make it happen.

As always, all of my photos are best viewed in the higher resolution, just click on it. Enjoy.

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29 thoughts on “Palouse Sunrise

  1. Absolutely amazing! I love this photo. This kind of landscape makes me amazed that there are these kinds of places on Earth. Incredible!

  2. Great photograph Dmitri…was this taken recently. I’m interested in visiting the Palouse and would like to know if you have a preference of season/time. Thanks.

    1. Jim, it was taken about three weeks ago. I believe that it is best to be seen from April thorough September (at least based on my research). August time frame is the most visited due the harvest time. Have fun!

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