Yellowstone Wild Life

On our second day in Yellowstone we decided to go hike at the Mt Washburn. On the way there from the Mammoth Hot Springs we took Blacktail Plateau Drive, it is a none paved road that can be taken at the much lower speed in hopes that some wild life will show up and allow to stop and observe it a bit more freely compare to the main roads at the park. For almost entire drive we didn’t see anything but some great landscape views, until almost the end of it when we spotted black bear in far away distance. He was traveling along side the mountain and we could watch him for about five minutes before he disappeared in the forest.

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Couple minutes later I spotted this guy seating on the top of the tree and took the shot right as he decided to take off in search of better hunting grounds.

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After having a great hike to the top of the Mt Washburn we were going to leave the park and drive to the Bozeman Montana, but before we left the park we had three more quick encounters. Two of them were right on the Grand Loop Road, a few miles before Mammoth Hot Springs. First we saw this scrawny red fox. He was just jogging along side the road, I’m sure it is easier to travel on the road than in that sick brush. Unfortunately,  you can’t just stop or pull over while driving Grand Loop Road, it is very narrow  and while there are some pullouts, they are few and wild life kind of does not care about it.

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Then, suddenly we saw this coyote, same running on the road, looking for something to kill on the side of it. Cute little fella.

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Finally, right before we exited Yellowstone Park at the North Exit we some a bunch of Elk. BTW, if you ever visit Yellowstone and want to see a lot of Elk, then make sure to visit Mammoth Hot Springs, it is infested with them.

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