Friday Mystery Photo

It seams like it is almost none stop raining on the East coast, but at the same time most of the West part of the country is under sever drought, not just now, but for quite some time. This week I saw some photos in the USA Today from somewhere in Texas, one from 2003, one from this year. In 2003 it showed a lake near some restaurant with bunch of people drinking right next to their big yachts, in the water. This year it showed an empty space, with no drop of water whatsoever.

I don’t think that this part (the photo below) of the country is under as big drought as down in Texas, but I think they are experiencing it too. Right under that big agricultural thingy, which I think does not actually used for its purpose anymore, is an awesome restaurant and brewery where we had some fantastic food and drinks. So what is the name of that restaurant?

btw, in case you were wondering, I took this photo from very far away place, it was taken at 400mm focal length, with Nikon 80-400 lens. This lens costs about $3,000+ if someone wants to own it. I paid a fraction of that to rent it. You can too, check out BorrowLenses on the right side, you might find there something useful as well.

Update: Looks like none of my visitors have been to Bozeman Montana and had a chance to eat at Ale Works.

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  1. I was going to say Utah, but you want the restaurant name? My major goal in life is to get one of these correctly. lol I love these challenges. Waiting for the answer excitedly.

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