Sunset at Jenny Lake

Last week we came back from two week break during which we managed to visit a few western states. Over the next few weeks I’ll attempt to post one photo from each day we were there (maybe with exception of Fridays), maybe even in the chronological order of our travels. We put 2700 miles on our rental, thankfully it had unlimited mileage and it did not matter how much we drove, that is a lot of driving but it allowed us to see different places and kind of get an idea of what is what and where we might want to get back again.

On the first day we drove to Jackson Hole from the Salt Lake City, after 5 hours in the car I was starting to get headache and we almost immediately went for a quick hike at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Great way to get rid of any type of illnesses. We hiked by the south side of the lake all the way to the waterfalls and the boat dock, we thought about going all the way around, but the sun was setting behind the mountains and we decided to return back the same way. Maybe we will complete the loop on our next visit.

While you get an idea of the beauty of the Grand Teton from the Jenny Lake, it is actually a bit too close to it and you can’t see the whole grandiose of the mountains. Like here we can’t see the Tetons in their all massive beauty, you have to step a bit back from them. Maybe next photo from this trip will have that view. 

Click me!!!

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18 Responses to Sunset at Jenny Lake

  1. Beautiful photograph, nice work 🙂

  2. guillaumebx says:

    Very nice 😉 your shot and your little story reminds me of my us trip ten years back, we just spent two hours of break on the lake shore and didn’t push in Grand Teton park but i remember this huge mount on the top of the lake and a very peaceful place. Enjoy your trip !

  3. Zina_G says:

    Stunning 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful place, I lived in Jackson for a couple of years and the scenery is second to none… And the snowboarding!

  5. backbirdpi says:

    Beautiful picture! And the trip sounds fun, ENJOY! But I have a question, 🙂 How much did you pay for the rental? I hope you don’t mind because my friends and I are planning a road trip and are looking all over for best price for rentals

    • Dmitrii says:

      Hi, thanks! I’m preferred customer with AVIS, renting with them for 10+ years, and have access to corp discounts, so whatever I got might not be relevant to you if you never rented with them. Good luck with finding the best deal!

  6. Awesome shot, as always! Whenever I see pictures of the Grand Tetons I think of the movie “Shane”.

  7. natuurfreak says:

    Superb shot of the lake

  8. 1stpeaksteve says:

    I think I like this shot even more because my air conditioner broke down. What I would give to jump into that river!

  9. Love the photograph. Jackson Hole is my favorite spot on earth. Your Jenny Lake photograph captures the evergreens in the crystal clear water and the calming mini ripples. Thank you for the momentary trip.

  10. Damommachef says:

    The Jenny lake hike is one of my favorites!

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