Friday Mystery Photo

We are on our summer vacation now, doing a road trip across a few western states. I actually find it very hard to make new posts with our hectic schedule. We are driving from place to place, hike all over, eat at all kind of places. I take a lot of photos every day, but by the time we get back to hotel I have no desire to look at any of them or touch my laptop. That is why this week is so short on any photos, but thankfully I had one ready for Friday.

The Fighter

Is this rooster the type they use for cock fighting? Not sure, I never seen one. I left that dude in the photo on purpose, to provide the sense of the size of this painting. Where is it? here is the clue – the cock fighting is illegal in this part of the world.


12 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. There are several types of roosters that are use for cock fights…This one looks like it might be one of them…I have only been to one cock fight but left totally in shock at what I saw …feeling guilty for watching and totally disgusted with myself for letting others talked me into going in the first place

  2. Graduating from the University of S.C. – “Go Gamecocks!” should send this post them – just color it red & you’d be a shoe in. For great murals, visit Baltimore sometime. I hope to go home (live in CT now) and take a series of them. Carmen Aida

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