Friday Mystery Photo

I like to photograph fishing piers, not that they are that beautiful or anything, it is that they are usually located on some nice beach with beautiful ocean views. Also they do provide nice leading lines and most of them are unique, hard to find two that are exactly look the same. The bottom line I like to be there and see the sunrise or sunset and as part of that experience take some photos as well.

So any of you recognize this one? It is sunrise, that excludes one ocean out… I’ll update with right answers later this weekend. Happy fishing!

Late Sunday Update: I’m on vacation now and its been hard to get any “computer” time, so very late update. Yes, it is indeed the pier at the Tybee Island in the State of Georgia. Thanks all for casting a vote and to avian101 (not sure about real name) for identify it correctly!

Click me!!!

30 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Looks like a place I’ve been to in Navarre, Florida (or Destin or Pensacola). If I could see the color of the sand I think I would know for sure… Beautiful shot.

      1. I noticed the sand along the Gulf of Mexico was very very white, however I was also told a lot of sand was brought in after Hurricane Katrina.

    1. I had to BING for it to find out which one is Johnny Mercers and if this one is the same. But no, it is not Johnny Mercers, even though they look almost identical.

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