High Alert

He was watching me as I walked closer and closer taking photos, trying to get rising sun right behind it. I wanted to see how it would look later with some processing done to it. It took me two and half years to get to this image and try make it work. It was taken somewhere on the way to the Key West, on one of the islands, but I have no idea exactly where, if any of you recognize this little island please let me know the coordinates so I can geo tag it.


42 thoughts on “High Alert

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  2. Stunning picture! I can tell you take your work seriously and aren’t hap-hazzard like me… haha. You have a God given talent for sure! 😀

    1. depends on the image, from 15 minutes to couple hours, if I have trouble with it in the first 15-20 minutes then I usually leave it and might come back to it later or not.

  3. This shot makes my stuff look pretty amateurish. Well, my day job is being a financial features writer, Great shot, great subject, fantastic composition.

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