Savannah Alley

Previous photo was from Savannah and I decided to follow up with another photo from there as well. They were taken one year apart on the exact same day. Somehow I happen to be in Savannah, really odd, both times we were taking a break along he coast and Savannah is one of the prime destination, only about 5-6 hours drive from my home.

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24 thoughts on “Savannah Alley

  1. Savannah, Ga??? If so, it IS beautiful and has some really fantastic architecture and wonderful graveyards… LOL. But in my personal opinion, Charleston, SC is just the perfect place to get lost in time… The city of Churches isn’t it? My daughter went to school there so I may be biased. (But St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah use to be the 2nd largest celebration in the country. I haven’t been in years so not sure how it is now) Fantastic picture! 😀

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