Friday Mystery Photo

Today might be an easy one as far as where it is located, at least in what city. To make it a bit more difficult I have to ask to actually tell us which one it is, I mean what is the name of it. This exact place in the city.

As always, update will be provided on Saturday or Sunday. Thanks all!

Saturday Update: Some good suggestions, with identifying the correct city, but Lee from Enthusiast Photographer got it perfectly right, it is Lafayette Square in Savannah Georgia. On that specific morning I had bike and pedaled around a few Savannah Squares looking for a shot. See the plate below as well.

Click me!!!

Saturday update image:


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14 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. natuurfreak says:

    Sorry it’s beautiful but i don’t know where it is

  2. Lee says:

    LaFayette? I was just in Savannah on Wed., too…

  3. mvschulze says:

    My first impression (always before reading previous comments!) One of Savannah’s squares… but thats as specific as i can get.

  4. I might guess the city, but not the exact spot. Fun to see though.

  5. I’m guessing somewhere southern USA or maybe Greece/Turkey/Spain. It’s very pretty where ever it is!

  6. chipppewa square, savannah, Ga

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