North east side of Jekyll Island has some pretty interesting features, entire beach is covered by the trunks of old trees. The entire trees are laying all over like skeletons of some old dinosaurs. The first time I saw it I could not believe my eyes, it was so cool and so weird  to see it all. If you ever make to this place, make sure stop by this beach during the low tide.

Click me!!!

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22 Responses to Fallen

  1. monacofashionspot says:

    that’s one breathtaking picture!!

  2. Yuki says:

    Nice shot! Love the colour of the sky, as well as the texture of the wood. Quality of the photo is great too 🙂

  3. mvschulze says:

    Upon first glance, before reading the text, I immediately thought of it’s similarity to my own images, which not so co-incidtentally were at this very place. Indeed a wonderful place to walk and play with cameras!

  4. gorgeous textures and harsh light across the image

  5. thirdeyemom says:

    Really beautiful picture!

  6. StillWalks says:

    Fantastic! What’s it like on Hyde Island 😉 (Sorry, just being an idiot).

  7. Mobile Rik says:

    “Wow, great pic!” really can’t express how deeply moving this photo is. It’s transcendent and magical. People will want this framed on their walls, just to meditate on. As a still portrait, it’s profoundly dynamic. Like you can sense the lifespan of these weathered old trees and every adventure they’ve been through to arrive and “pose” so gracefully for this moment of perfect balance, celebrating a life well-lived. And yet not in any hurry to simply entertain and move on, as of to say “we’ll be here all year! 🙂 A model of ultimate meditative stillness.

  8. natuurfreak says:

    Very beautiful and a little surreal

  9. colonialist says:

    Striking, but a bit intimidating somehow. ‘We’re coming to get you!’

  10. pary880 says:

    loved the capture… nice composition 🙂

  11. guillaumebx says:

    Really impressive shot, you really managed to shoot this piece of wood. Nice !

  12. Makes me realize the beauty of life. thank you!

  13. simon7banks says:

    This side of the Atlantic, on the North Sea coast in fact, there’s a similar stretch of coast in Suffolk between Kessingland and Southwold, where the coast is eroding fast. You find a wood with its seaward trees dead but standing by the sandy cliff and then skeletal trees fallen to the beach. But there also there are water-pipes and bits of brickwork staring out from the cliff or fallen to the beach, and a footpath and a small road that clearly once met at a point now out to sea.

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