Blue Sunset

A few days ago you saw photo taken from almost the same spot as I took this one. It had a boat. The last boat that came back from the ocean before it got dark. I was walking on the bridge and taking a few photos, including this one.

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17 thoughts on “Blue Sunset

  1. Stunning, Dmitri! I love this part of the world – the light in the marsh has a uniquely crystalline quality, and you have captured it!

  2. Good to get a sneak peek through your lens of what I’ll be seeing when I get inside the front door of Heaven. Really like the stunning way you have of getting out of the way and letting the light do the work. Putting this up on my desktop. Good stuff. Dan

  3. Simply stunning, especially with the reflection in the water. Thanks for the like of my post “just a Teacup Rose”.

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