Mushroom Rock

This is one of the first photos I took that day. Early in the morning we were driving from Flagstaff to Sedona and saw this park. There is a tiny parking space along the road with access to a hiking trail along the road. There are some spots where you can see the park from the high side, you might have to do a little climbing to get off the trail to get to actual views like this one. The cool part is that it is free, the bad part is that you can’t get down there to the river from here. To get down to the river level you have to get into the park and it costs a few bucks. We did it later in the afternoon on our way back to Flagstaff, you already have seen one of the photos I took at the river level.

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21 thoughts on “Mushroom Rock

  1. HI Dmitrii This really gives a feel for how ancient the Earth is. The colours and the aspect of the shot really accentuates the carved strata and the scale of the water? wind? erosion over time.

  2. Reminds me of Slide Rock State Park, which when visiting in the summer some years ago, my kids had a great time (with too many others) coursing down the natural slides. I like the snow effect. Great pictures.

  3. Nice capture, good detail. Sedona area is a great place to photograph. Hoodoos (mushroom rocks) are a target geology in my own photography

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