Friday Mystery Photo

Last Friday of the month and last day of the month, Spring is coming to an end and we are bridging into the Summer (it was pretty hot yesterday…), so the bridge photo felt like an appropriate subject for today. Of course it happened that I had one ready, so it made it easy.

I took a few attempts at taking this photo, for some reason cars were coming from no where and I had to get out of their way, how annoying of them to do that!

Would you like some clues? Well, here is one, this bridge is between two different legal territories…I think that is a broad enough statement that covers countries, provinces, republics, states, counties, pueblos or whatever else can be considered as one. More clues? Nuh, one is probably enough… Have you been there?

Saturday Update: Thanks all for stopping by and trying to identify the place. This week we have only a single winner of the mystery photo, she first identified the general location and then provided exact location, check her cool blog at The Perpetual Vagabond!

Click me!!!

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17 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Qwetu Elements. says:

    This is such a challenging photo to take. I feel like i can almost touch the metal, like i’m there…and the light and color is just perfect.

  2. Looks like the golden hills of Northern California in the background.

  3. Between Oregon and Washington in the Gorge?

  4. Mia Simó says:

    Very deep and simple at the same time.

  5. natuurfreak says:

    The light is usted very well.

  6. kcjewel says:

    Wonderful blog you have here… thank you for stopping by mine for a moment. Love this shot!

  7. Here’s my guess – a bridge going over the Peel River between Northwest Territories and Yukon

  8. Tiffany says:

    Great! Love this.

  9. David says:

    A very excellent point-of-view shot. It’s like the bridge goes on forever.

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