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17 Responses to Five

  1. J. Haag says:

    I like it, but shouldn’t it be “Six”?

  2. Or five plus one!? I love urban scenes like this, because it all looks so random. Why are those purple things there? And there is often lots of urban furniture that has just appeared over time at the whim of a town planner. Anyway…I love the colours and all the grungy detail in this!

    • Dmitrii says:

      it is kind of random and I didn’t expect it to see it at all, during day time you would not expect to see these colors either at all. but what is “plus one”?

      • There are five purple structures lit up. And there is one concrete column on the left which seems to be part of the overpass system and separate from the purple structures.

  3. Rusha Sams says:

    Love the colors and the angle at which you photographed this.

  4. mvschulze says:

    And this is….where? what? Reminds me (stretch) of the Garden State Arts Center (Original Name) in New Jersey.

  5. natuurfreak says:

    Great purple colours in a little unreal photo.

  6. imchanca says:

    Amazing photos!

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