Friday Mystery Photo

I did not manage to visit the top of this tower, can’t recall the exact reason, maybe it was already closed, maybe they did not allow tripods, maybe the line was too long, or maybe they wanted too much of my money to go up there. If any of you had a chance to make it to the top I’m sure you had some awesome views, but of what city?

Saturday Update: We have very nice weather in the Carolinas, blue skies and right around 75F, hopefully you have the same! Thanks all for stopping by, many of you know this place well, as you named it. Yes, it is Galata Tower and the city you will see is Istanbul. I’m sure it is very nice view. You got it right: Zoey, Madhu, phoxis and pymphotograph.

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26 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. I had no idea, but would guess European… It’s beautiful, but we just don’t have too many buildings like that here… or perhaps I just haven’t seen them. Love your angle. Great shot1 😀

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