Friday Mystery Photo

All I can say is that I would not mind to have a house in that part of the world and live there full time or at least have an ability to visit it many times each year. You probably know many places like that, this is one of them. But to be specific to this photo, you have to tell us what it is and where it is.

Saturday Update: Great participation on this one, you guys rock! Good suggestions on where it is, but artandkitchen got it right, it is Carmel Mission Basilica in Carmel (California)!

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17 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. hehe! I was going to say somewhere in California – Santa Barbara maybe? I know there is a beautiful mission there. I visited it once long ago to visit the grave of the real woman portrayed in the book “The Island of Blue Dolphins”. Like your picture, it was a very moving and beautiful experience.

    1. I never knew that girl was buried at the Santa Barbara Mission! That was one of my favorite books when I was a kid (I still have it). We’re not far from SB, so I think a trip is in order in the near future. I MUST visit her grave!

  2. I was going to say it’s in California… that purple plant gives it away:) but then I saw your Saturday update. great shot

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