Canyon Way

Driving HW 30 from Portland towards the Hood River and then onto The Dalles is one of the must drives in Oregon. The scenery is unbelievable. Ever changing landscape with multiple views over the Columbia river are spectacular. One of the most remarkable things about this drive is the dramatic change from a rain forest environment on the west side to almost desert like to the east, and this change happens over maybe just 20 miles. You drive through some forests with huge trees and then suddenly they all gone and it is getting really hot, with naked yellow fields burned by the sun. This canyon is midway between the Hood River and The Dalles, great views, especially when you stand there in person.

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10 thoughts on “Canyon Way

  1. This is an incredible picture, especially at increased view size. Some years ago we traveled over Steve’s Pass Washington to Lake Chalan, and as you said the terrain changes are impressive.

  2. Wow ! What a landscape.
    I will be in America next october or November, in Los Angeles.
    What “musts” should I shoot ? What would you recommend ?

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