Morning Traffic

Potomac River is the busy place in early morning hours. Right around Key Bridge pretty much every morning you’d see a lot of rowing. Different teams or clubs. Maybe some are part of the nearby Georgetown University or some other college. They are moving very fast, surprisingly fast. Usually you’d see one team here, and another team there. I saw three separate groups coming from different directions and it appeared that they will be all together, close enough to get them into single frame. This is btw, was taken with 400mm lens, I was far far away from it. You can rent one too from the place like borrow lenses.


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5 Responses to Morning Traffic

  1. probably will look more beautiful, if only one boat that dishoot 🙂

  2. Lovely capture – superb light.

  3. Bà Tám says:

    You are travelling the United States for a while, all the wonderful landscapes in many states. I am admiring with a touch of envy. How can you afford such luxury like this!

  4. natuurfreak says:

    Courageous people, so early in the morning

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