Friday Mystery Photo

Last Friday of the month and last day of the month, Spring is coming to an end and we are bridging into the Summer (it was pretty hot yesterday…), so the bridge photo felt like an appropriate subject for today. Of course it happened that I had one ready, so it made it easy.

I took a few attempts at taking this photo, for some reason cars were coming from no where and I had to get out of their way, how annoying of them to do that!

Would you like some clues? Well, here is one, this bridge is between two different legal territories…I think that is a broad enough statement that covers countries, provinces, republics, states, counties, pueblos or whatever else can be considered as one. More clues? Nuh, one is probably enough… Have you been there?

Saturday Update: Thanks all for stopping by and trying to identify the place. This week we have only a single winner of the mystery photo, she first identified the general location and then provided exact location, check her cool blog at The Perpetual Vagabond!

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Yesterday my wife told me that she would not mind to live in Charleston South Carolina. Well, not sure if we ever end up living there but I found this photo, typical sunset from the battery, so we can look at it for now instead of moving down there.

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Three Years

Yesterday I noticed that three years ago on May 27th I posted first photo on this site. So today is three year anniversary and time to celebrate with showing ten best photos (voted by you) that appeared on my blog.

As always, thanks to all for stopping by and leaving your comments or just looking at some of the places I had a chance to see. Without you folks it would not be as much fun!

So here we go, ten (actually slightly more) photos most liked by my visitors. You can click on any of the photos to take you back to the original post where each photo appeared.

First place


Second place

Seattle Lights

Third place


Fourth place


Fifth place


Six place


Seventh place


Eights place is shared by two photos



Nine’s place


Ten’s place is shared by two photos as well



And one more that was in the eleventh place, short of two votes to be in ten’s, but I like and want to show it again


Friday Mystery Photo

I did not manage to visit the top of this tower, can’t recall the exact reason, maybe it was already closed, maybe they did not allow tripods, maybe the line was too long, or maybe they wanted too much of my money to go up there. If any of you had a chance to make it to the top I’m sure you had some awesome views, but of what city?

Saturday Update: We have very nice weather in the Carolinas, blue skies and right around 75F, hopefully you have the same! Thanks all for stopping by, many of you know this place well, as you named it. Yes, it is Galata Tower and the city you will see is Istanbul. I’m sure it is very nice view. You got it right: Zoey, Madhu, phoxis and pymphotograph.

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