Friday Mystery Photo

Yeah, today is the last Friday of this month, May is around the corner with some warm weather. Time to get out and spend some time at the pool, maybe similar to this one. I actually didn’t go into this pool because ocean is not that far from it. If I have a choice I usually take ocean or sea  and leave the pool to everyone else. How about you?

Where is this place anyway? I’ll update the status of this post sometime on Saturday, as usual.

Saturday Update: This is Caribe Hilton in San Juan Puerto Rico. Looks like no one stayed or recognized it at night. If you visit San Juan and want to have a mix of the resort life and quick access to the old town then this hotel is the perfect place. They have many pools and their own private ocean laguna where you can swim and play all day long. It is only five minutes away from the old town, using bus is 75c per person or taxi is about $10 per ride. We never ate at the hotel, so have no idea how good it is, I know it was pricy. They do have Starbucks in the lobby so morning coffee with some snacks is easy to get.

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  1. I have only been blogging for just over a month and am still finding blogs which interest me. I think your Mystery Friday is worth revisiting…..and keeping going.

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