Friday Mystery Photo

American flag limits this photo to an American soil. Should make it easy for you guys!

Saturday update: Thanks everyone for stopping by and letting us know where it is. Yes, it is Brooklyn Bridge,  njoyeverymoment and Michele D’Acosta knew exactly where it was.

Click me!!!

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10 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Jerry says:

    I like but can’t say I know what it is.

  2. I’m also guessing the Brooklyn Bridge.

  3. natuurfreak says:

    Beautiful but don’t know where it is.

  4. Dusty Roads says:

    I feel like I should know it. The arches in the tower look familiar but can’t put my finger on it. Nice shot

  5. kelihasablog says:

    Awesome picture, but no idea where it is. I’d probably guess NYC or Los Angeles ??

  6. EagleAye says:

    Looks like the Brooklyn Bridge to me. A guy offered to sell it to me the other day. 😉

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