Cherry blossoms are in full bloom this week. I thought I was not going to see it, as it was delayed and delayed, and it was suppose to be in full bloom last week, but it was still cold and didn’t happen. So this week I think it is a mad house around Tidal Basin, more likely tens of thousands of people hang out around there. I must try to see it as well and add one more body to the count.

This photo was taken couple weeks ago from the top floor at Marriott Key Bridge hotel. Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial appears very close to each other, but in fact there is about 1.5 mile between them. This is visual effect achieved via compression, this happens when you use high focal length, it makes things look really close to each other.

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7 thoughts on “Memorials

  1. NICE PHOTO! I was there last Saturday also and was disappointed the cherry blossoms were not out but I enjoyed visiting and photographing the memorials and monuments there. In fact I an currently doing a series of post on them. It started Sunday, April 7, 2013


    1. cool, have fun, hopefully the coming rain will not bring it all down. I was there this evening, with million other folks, all with cameras…

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