Friday Mystery Photo

Spring break is almost over and I’m getting back online. I find it hard to post any photos while traveling, I take a lot of photos while being away from home, but usually not doing any type of post processing and posting. At the same time I try not to miss Monday and Friday posts, as they have a pattern and maybe some of you are already waiting for another Friday photo.

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a very cool city, where is it?

As always I’ll update it with location on Saturday.

Sunday update: I’ve never been to Copenhagen and asked my wife why a few of you said that it is definitely not in Copenhagen. They have a similar girl, mermaid in fact, not just a swimmer. Now I want to go and see it. But a few of you (mbaldelli, xtinamcgphoto, Guy and timmyL) got this one right, it is in fact in Vancouver BC.

Click me!!!

11 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. I searched images and found it LOL Vancouver it is! It appears they put shirts and things on her on occasion. I also would think Vancouver is pretty laid back.

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