Werewolf Hour

I didn’t get to see any cherry blossoms this week, but last night I took a good walk from Roslyn over the Key Bridge all the way to the National Mall. As sunset hit I saw the full moon rising, I completely forgot about it so it was a nice surprise. Those clouds moved in a few minutes later and covered the moon. Does it still count as a full moon for werewolves and other similar creatures?

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19 thoughts on “Werewolf Hour

  1. High in the sky ,
    touching high emotional values of life –
    smiling coolly in our lives
    in the witness of Lord of Universe.
    Beautiful photography
    with regards

    1. yep, its going to be in full bloom next week. it is starting to bloom now, in a few days it will get really nice. I will not be in DC next week, but you have fun and share some photos

  2. Lovely shot!
    Is there some new construction happening on the monument? When I was there a year back, there was also some fixing the reflecting pool… is that done yet?

    1. reflection pool is all done now, it is opened on three side, but the side opposite from the Lincoln memorial is blocked due to some new construction. and yes, they are doing some type of work on the monument, not sure when it was started, I haven’t been there for a few months

  3. Lovely photo!! Love the full moon and getting such a lovely photo of it is great!! I enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your great photos, definitely going to follow your travels from now on!!

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