Georgetown and National Cathedral

Some ugly weather in the last couple days. A few weeks ago I thought I’ll be shooting cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin sometime this week, instead today it was snowing, then raining, then again snowing. Cold and unpleasant. No sign of cherry blossoms. They say it will be next week now, but I won’t be around here to see it this year.

This is a view of the Georgetown University from across the river in Roslyn. The National Cathedral is right behind it. I took this one last night. I’ll try to take one again when skies get clear and that smog goes away.

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16 thoughts on “Georgetown and National Cathedral

  1. Hi,
    I might be going in circles but need to ask. I am using the Canon 550D with a standard 18-55 and 70-300. I’ve been told the former is “no good” and changing to the latter when travelling is laborious.
    So in addition to needing some zoom and close-up for portraits / parties all in one, I also love experimenting with HDR – can one lens do all?
    I have seen the Sigma / 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM; the link is here:
    An alternative is to buy a “close-up” and HDR lens all in one, and for travel / zoom buy myself a light compact with 30 x zoom or so.
    I was looking at:
    I have asked a handful of chaps whose photography I really like – you are one of them.
    Some suggestions will really be appreciated.

    1. Hi Andrew, personally I don’t think there is one “all to do” lens. Of course it all depends on what you like to shoot. If you like to shoot wide angle then you might end up with one lens, midrange then another. Also depends on the quality of the photos you get with the lens.

      Most of the time I use only two lenses. One is wide angle 14-24 and another is 24-70. It covers pretty much 99% of everything I need. Unfortunately there is no lens that covers 14-70, so I have two lenses that I carry with me on my normal travels. Once in a while I rent lenses to test them out and/or expand my reach. Like right now for spring break I rented 80-400 lens. It is big, heavy and very expensive to own, but renting it out can be a good option to test it out and get some nice shots. The last couple shots you saw on my blog were taken with that lens.

      I think you just need to figure out what type of photos you like to take, know you budget and then target right lenses. You have to put in consideration your target camera as well. If you think that down the road you would like to upgrade your camera body to full frame, then it might be a better strategy to invest into FF capable lenses. Personally, I use to shoot with Nikon D90, which I bought four years ago. Then I decided that I’d like to upgrade one day to FF body. So every year I got FF capable lenses while shooting with D90. Last year I upgraded D90 to D800 and two lenses that I bought in the previous years are perfect with it.

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