Bixby Bridge

All right, one more this week, had to make it seven in the row. Three from the East coast, one in the middle and three from the West coast. I just processed a few photos I took last year while driving on HW1, all of the Bixby Bridge, from different angles and I’ll share them over time, not at once… that would be too quick… it took me one year to get to them to process after all, can’t just put it out in one post.

This is probably one of the most common views of the bridge and the reason to it is because parking lot is right above me. There is a little hike that takes you a bit down to see the bridge from this angle and pretty much everyone who stops at the bridge comes down this way and take their photos. You can also cross the street to the left, walk up a little dirt road and take photos of the bridge with the ocean in the background. I went there but didn’t see anyone else following me, and that photo is probably going to be next in my little Bixby Bridge photo series.

Big Sur is a beautiful place and I wish I had better access to it to take more shots like this during different times of the year and weather, not easy task while living on the East coast.

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