Golden Gate Bridge

From East coast’s one of its star cities to the West coast’s one of its star cities. Yesterday we were in NYC, today in San Francisco. From one bridge to another. I had to chance to walk across both bridges. Hmm, well, actually I didn’t walk across this bridge, I drove a bike over it with some short walks rolling the bike. It will take a bit longer to walk across this bridge than Brooklyn Bridge, also this one is a bit more nerve wrecking, with heavy traffic going right next to you. The sound of fast moving traffic on the bridge with continuous bumping can get on the nerves. Have you ever been on the bridge and felt that way?

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24 thoughts on “Golden Gate Bridge

  1. You have captured an American icon and a cliched subject yet you have given it new life. I like the way the light reflects on the water and the way the sky has taken on an unusual glow. Very interesting image….

  2. I have been to San Francisco and seeing this iconic bridge was definitely a highlight of the visit. Your shot does it great justice and I admire your courage in riding over on a bike – driving it was a bit of a big deal.

  3. I loved walking across the Brooklyn Bridge last December. I’m hoping to cross the Golden Gate Bridge soon, but I think I’ll opt for sitting in a vehicle…yikes! Fantastic shot.

  4. This bridge is photographed so often. So it’s always great to see presented it in a new way. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and never tire of seeing the bridge from any angle or at any time of day.

  5. Gorgeous shot! I haven’t walked the entire span, but I have walked about halfway (we didn’t want to walk the whole bridge, then walk it again to get back to the car haha). The traffic didn’t really bother me, or the noise. It was the height. very dizzying. When we got to the tower part (whatever it’s called) I looked straight up and lost all sense of, well, my senses. Depth perception was shot, and it wreaked havoc with my equilibrium. Again, very dizzying! But absolutely one of the most beautiful man made structures in the world in one of the best cities in the world!

  6. Hi Dmitrii!

    The photo looks wonderful, I really like the balance of colors and the high definition details.

    When you talked about the heavy traffic as you walk along the bridge, it reminded me how I had walked along a short part of it a couple years ago, too. Kind of an odd feeling! Especially with the fog that day.

  7. Wonderful exposure! Great job and yes, I know what you mean about the vibrations. Especially after watching those old films about bridges during the earthquake!

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