Sonoma Sunrise

Its been almost twelve month since I took this photo. I’ve been looking through my archive and I see many photos that I’d like to process and revisit all those place I had a chance to see. I’ll try to do it and post a few more photos from our last year’s California trip, we had a great time there and it should be seen here not just by you folks but by me and my wife as well. So this place is somewhere in Sonoma Valley, I geo tagged it at the place I think I took it, but it might be a few hundred yards off. I think if you drive on Arnold drive and look to the east you’ll see this mountain with terraces full of grapes. I like the disarray of different patterns here. The sun was up for about 10-15 minutes at this time, beginning of the beautiful day in Sonoma Valley.

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9 thoughts on “Sonoma Sunrise

  1. Hi. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my Vivitar UW&S post. Your ‘like’ reminded me I’d forgotten to add a pic of the camera so now I’ve done it. Your ‘location’ app looks interesting – I’ll have a look to see if it works on my Mac.

  2. I get your updates via email….and look forward to each one. Really love your blog and pics. You have a great eye! I need to get you on the podcast.

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