Friday Mystery Photo

I’ve been thinking for the last few minutes what to write about this photo and everything comes to mind seems to be a dead give away of the place. So I’m going to update this post on Saturday or Sunday with extra bits of information about it. But meanwhile you might know where it is and maybe have your own stories?

Saturday Update: Well, only one person commented and he got it right. Sebastijan Videc, not many people in the world know about Medeo ice skating ring, nicely done.

I have a lot of child hood memories associated with Medeo, it is probably one of the first place where I tried to skate on the real professionally made ice. I might tried prior to it on some back road in our neighborhood or at the park, but those places didn’t make ice for speed skating. When I was about ten or so years old I joined speed skating sport team and for entire winter had to get up couple times each week at super early hours to get on the bus that would get us to Medeo, so we could practice. The funny part is that I was so small and they didn’t have right size of the speed skating skates for me so I had to use my own “dutishi” little skates, any one from that part of the world would probably know the type of skate I’m talking about. I didn’t do that speed skating for long. Every year we use to go and skate at Medeo on weekends and it would get so crowded, one would have hard time even walking not just skating. Use to go see hockey ball games, it is the hockey game but they use an orange ball and the sticks are curved, not straight like in traditional ice hockey with a pack. Use to go see motorbikes ice speed competitions, those were really cool, smelled like a lot of burned gasoline, with bikes going around at high speed, their tires using some huge spikes to get traction with the ice as they turn around and making huge dents into the ice. All of it of course was 20+ years ago. I have no idea what they do there now during ice season. Probably the same and even more.

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This Friday I also want to give you an additional clue… to the above mystery photo.


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