Cloudy Day

My wife drives by this lake every day to work and sees some awesome sunrises and sunsets. She always tells me about it, how great they are. A few weeks ago, on one of the weekends she suggested we drive up there in the morning and see if we get some interesting light. It was all foggy in the city so we thought that maybe we get some fog over the lake as well. By the time we arrived most of the fog went away, with some clouds lingering over the trees. Was not one of those days. We will try again.

But, I took a few shots. We were there. Why not.

Click me!!!

26 thoughts on “Cloudy Day

  1. This is beautiful – a very serene image. I’m glad you weren’t tempted to remove that pole (or whatever it is!) as it adds a touch of coulour and focal point.

  2. I think of these kinds of shots as “lemonade.” It’s not what you set out to get, it’s what you come home with. I think this is a very nice image… tranquil and soft, peaceful. Nice job!

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