Friday Mystery Photo

Where is it? It is hot and sunny and those ruins are older than the New World.

Saturday update: this photo is the same place as this photo, which provides a bit more information on the location.

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12 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Romanesque imperial arches lead me to the Mediterranean area…and the abundant appearance of conifers tells me somewhere that still has ample forested area in the basin, instead of scrubs (but they don’t look big enough to be cedars of Lebanon) 😉 Lovely photo

  2. Perfect place to a CD cover picture, I think me and my friends from the Symphony Metal Band will love it.

  3. Beautiful, where ever it is… I’d say near Crete too, but never having been there, it would be a guess based on what I’ve read and pictures I’ve seen… before. 😀

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