Striking Big

At the Bar

While traveling on business I rarely eat at the hotel bars, most of the time I try to find some little ethnic hole in the wall type of place or just get some food from the fresh bar at places like Whole Foods. Recently due to really cold and rainy weather I decided to eat at the bar. It was very quite there and I could hear conversation of two other guests, mid thirties or so guys. I was not trying to listen, but you kind of could not not listen to their conversation, which to most degree was meaningless, as they just met and it was what do you do type of conversation. One guy was from NYC, supposedly from upper east side, which I hear is very upper class type of neighborhood, he is managing leased spaces by large department stores, to smaller retailers, apparently it is big business, he is also into furs as well. Likes places with large numbers of well to do Russian oligarchs with vacation homes in Miami and also likes Brazilians, I was not aware that Brazilians are into sable furs as well, but I guess they are into it as much as Russians. This dude wanted to be a lawyer at one point in time but since he doesn’t have enough patience to even read a page of some type of legal material he decided that dealing with people is his better skill. He knew pretty much every mall on the eastern side US and which one is doing better than the other.

The second guy, is originally from India. As I suspected this Indian guy is software guy.  He is working on some kind of long term software project at insurance company, been there for while and about to leave the project due to tax rules that would tax him at both states, the one he lives in, Georgia, and the one he works at. It looks like his company files his business expenses as his income, even though, it is not his income, but it brings his income tax bracket much higher than what he really makes. Kind of weird, you would think that his company should absorb it as business expense and not stick it to him, but it apparently a common practice with some of this consulting joints. He is single and lives in Atlanta and wants to move somewhere, but not sure where, as he tried NYC, Boston and some other places and every place is not fully satisfactory to his criteria. He would say that people in such and such place are strange and not something that he is willing to compromise on. I don’t think he defined what he meant by ‘strange people’, so I just had to guess and leave that to my imagination. Supposedly he only spends 2-3 hours a day in front of computer, not sure what he does other 5-6 working hours, that is being a software developer…that was puzzling, but he also said that since he doesn’t watch TV he will go back to his room and have some quality Facebook time, which is spending more time in front of the computer.

I’m not sure why I’m telling you about it. I guess, I was just getting amused by their verbal exchange, especially that you never have a chance to listen on someone spilling their info to a complete stranger. Also, while sometimes I think that my life is fairly boring, after listening on other folks conversations I find that their lives could even be less interesting.

They Deserve More

I was working on this photo and at the same time watched “How I met Your Mother” show. So I was looking at this white trash couple and I was thinking what I’m going to write about and what I’m going to call the title, as one of the main characters on the show said “They deserve more”, not sure who deserved more and what they deserved, but for some reason I felt like it was perfect title for this photo.

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  1. Being a solitary person, I found this exchange hilarious. And a great reason for me to not want to eat at a bar; I don’t like chatting with complete strangers and you will never find me trying to start up a conversation (well, maybe with another photographer, but then again, maybe not). Probably why I liked London so much – they keep to themselves, which is awesome.

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