Freaky Weather

Weather here on the east coast have been pretty much weird. Last week I was asking for some warmer days, well, I got my wish, but it should not be that way here in the mid January. As far as I’m concerned the winter is yet to arrive to North Carolina and we are half way through it. March will be around here in about six weeks. We have daffodils coming out like it is early March, just about two month early.

Since winter is yet to arrive, I felt it would be appropriate to post one of the Fall photos at this time. Of course there is no colors anymore, everything is grey at the moment, but unless we get some cold front(s) this whole thing will just transition into the Spring, with no winter.

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10 thoughts on “Freaky Weather

  1. I’m originally from Tennessee, and our weather is always CRAZY during this time of year…so I’m not surprised if North Carolina is the same. If you get the chance, you should visit Charleston, South Carolina! It’s beautiful, and my most favorite place in the states. 🙂

  2. ok tell me about wierd weather.well most time here in DFW,Texas even this time of year its kind of warm out.but today man its fn freezin out.i went to dog park in winter gear i only lasted bout 15 min and was ready to go bro!

  3. Dmitrii – GREAT photo blog, congrats!
    Also, glad you limed my photo composite of the old Carpenter Center Theater in RVA.
    Regarding the weather, it was colder in the theatre than it was outside !
    On the other hand, it snowed recently in Israel.
    Maybe you will have some pictures from there, soon!

  4. Very mild and a lot of rain in the UK from October 2012 until 2-3 days ago. Now snow over most of the country and overnight temperatures in the southern part of England around -10 C (14 F), a little colder than normal. But weather is weather, every year is different and some are moderate or average, some are hotter or colder. About 5 years ago we had a very mild winter in England with no snow and very early spring, which led to problems with pests in the summer because they had not died out over the winter.

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