Leaving Vegas

I’ve been in a couple dozen or so airports around the world and I think Vegas airport is the only one with gambling machines right in the terminal, waiting for departing or transit passengers to leave some money in Vegas. At 6AM in the morning they were not occupied by anyone, at this time everyone was leaving Vegas and sounds like no one on our flight or couple other flights were inclined to give any money to Vegas. Well, sometimes some folks might take the house down and win a few, but I think these machines are designed to collect about 10 times more then giving back, so odds not on the travelers side.

Any other airports have slot machines as well?

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12 thoughts on “Leaving Vegas

  1. Hi,
    That is incredible, slot machines at the airport, I would never have imagined that such a thing existed. I wonder how much extra money these machines brings in for the airport, a lot is my guess.

  2. When it comes to gambling, Nevada is the only state where gambling is allowed state-wide, so Las Vegas airport is the only airport in US where you will find slot machines. Considering that the airport is only 3-4 miles away from all the casinos, it is only a natural extension of your Las Vegas visit…

  3. I had a layover in Las Vegas a few years ago and in the middle of the afternoon all the slot machines were busy! I can’t even stand the sound of them, and couldn’t wait to get away.

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