In Need of Little Paradise

Its funny, how it goes, there have been only a few weeks of cold weather and I’m already complaining about it and want to be in some place much warmer, like where those two girls are. Of course that was in the summer and it is probably not so warm there now, but there are plenty of places around the world where one can enjoy the same clear and warm waters right at this moment. People always look funny at me and make jokes when I complaint about cold weather in the winter time. It goes something like this, they say – ‘you grew up in some fu**g Siberia, you should feel at home in the cold’, the same stupid stereotype over and over. Me, being generally nice and polite, I usually back at them with the fact that I have lived in the South, that is US South for almost 20 years and I’m not use to cold anymore, and in fact I didn’t grow up in Siberia. While yes growing up in Central Asia, we had some pretty darn harsh winters, but it was no Siberia, not every Russian comes from Siberia.

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20 thoughts on “In Need of Little Paradise

  1. Great photo. I grew up in Canada with long cold winters. You never get used to the cold and every winter at about this time I dream of sun and warmth and a beach to spend my days. So Costa Rica here I come!

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