Last day of January is here, sort of a sunset of it. I felt like sunset photo was appropriate to post on this day.

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Passing Through

We just had dinner at the local brewery, got a six pack to take back to hotel and walking back to our car as train approached the main crossing. I just put my camera down, pointed in the direction of approaching train without looking into the viewfinder, not even checking the focus and pushed the button, hoping that it will capture something interesting.

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Monday Morning Movie

If video is not shown in the browser or applications then visit it at Mediterranean Sunrise from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

ahh, I miss those warm waters, not just warm but crystal clear warm waters of Mediterranean. with our current weather forecast predicting freezing rain over night and then some roller coaster temperature swings over the next few days, so being at some nice spot under the sun is something most of us probably dream at the moment (at least here in the northern hemisphere). 

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Once in a while there is a question popping up in the comments section about EXIF information on my photos. I never actually put that type of information on this blog. I think it is a bit boring and too technical to put it on every post. Most people do not care about it. I think only photographers do as they want to know how it was done so maybe they can try it as well. So while I’m not putting that type of information here for your enjoyment, the reality is that it is only three clicks away, for any photo on my blog. As most of you know, each photo on this blog is linked to my photo gallery at smugmug (it is where I put the high resolution photos so you can download for your desktops or even purchase some prints…I can dream about it…), so when you click on the photo, it will redirect you to my photo gallery. There just hover over any photo on the right side (first you need to select it on the left) and you’ll see a little window with some information, one of them is blue letter “i”. Click on it and you’ll see another little window with Photo Details.

Persian Beauty

Do you have a rug at your house (apartment/room/crib)? Where do you put it? On the floor or on the wall? I bet if you are American, then it is on the floor in your living room and/or dining rooms, maybe in bed rooms as well. But it is not on the wall. Did you know that in many other countries people do not put these beauties on the floor, ever, but hang it on the wall, like covering entire walls with one rug from the ceiling to the floor. It is nice decoration and it actually keeps the wall warm in the winter.  I grew up with one of these beauties hang on the wall in our living room by day, bed room by night room. Haven’t seen one hanging on the wall here in US in a long time, well, actually never.

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Hoover Damn

I took this photo from the HW93 bridge over the Colorado river. Sometime in the future I’ll share photo or two from the opposite direction, with the bridge as it is seen from the Hoover Damn. I’m not sure in what state I was as I took this panorama, could be Nevada or it could be Arizona, or who knows, maybe by some wild chance my right foot was in Arizona and left in Nevada.

This is a panorama. Yes, even though it doesn’t look very wide, it is actually three photos stitched together to make this view. To your left edge are the rails of the bridge and to the right edge are the rails as well, well, they are just a few inches away and not in the shot. Most people take panoramas with holding camera in normal horizontal condition, but the trick to get wide angle panoramas and not to bend it all like crazy is to turn your camera vertically, like shooting in portrait mode and get your panorama shots that way. You’ll have to take a few more photos to cover the desired area, but then you’ll have more room to cut out if necessary from the top or bottom of your final shot. BTW, the original high resolution image of this photo in my photo gallery  is a whooping 8756 by 9409 pixels, 49MB file, if you click on the image you’ll be able to download XL size that I share out (for this photo it is 1117 by 1200 pixels, still pretty big). Did you know that there are a lot of people down there on the damn?

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