Monday Movie

THANKS 2012!

First I want to thank you all who have stopped by my blog in 2012! I hope you enjoyed my photography and I hope you will be back in 2013! I wish you all good luck, happiness, good health and prosperity in the new year!


The short time lapses in this video and associated photos were taken over three different days, on different visits to DC. I’ll try to continue making additional short DC time lapses and maybe get all four seasons shown in one short movie, but we’ll have to wait for that at least another six month.

If video is not shown in the browser or applications then visit it at DC SHORT from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

And this is one of the stills that you see in the video. As always you can click on it to open much higher resolution image from my Photo Gallery.

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13 thoughts on “Monday Movie

  1. Hi,
    What a fantastic photo, I love the way the colours seem to just came together with the sunlight, very nice.
    A great video, and I will be looking forward to more in the New Year.
    Happy New Year. 🙂

  2. Hey, your blog is amazing. I am not a photographer, but I like to take picture from my Cell phone, as you Liked my post I would like to share my city, a capital of Pernambuco State, Brazil. I posted a video from a guy who recorded my city. it’s available on my blog ( I will post also some pictures I took in my city. Congratulations you’ve got such amazing pictures.

  3. The photo is awesome and I love all the time lapses. Particularly like the Lincoln Memorial one as it is one of my favorite destinations. Can you tell me how many pictures you take to create a time lapse and at what interval? Many thanks.

    1. Thanks! I have yet to make a time lapse movie by combining multiple images myself. All the movies that you have seen on my blog are made with D800 built in time lapse function. I configure it to take shot every 5 seconds, and camera builds the movie file at the end of the sequence. That is why in some of them, there is less or more exposure, I didn’t do any post processing on those movie clips at all, straight from the camera. Lately I started taking some time lapses with individual frames, but I have yet to find time to figure out how to bulk process them and convert into the video. This is something I’ll be figuring out later this year.

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