Puget Sound Sunset

This year is about to be over and so I felt like posting sunset photos today and tomorrow. I thought about doing post with bunch of photos from this year, sort of review, like many other folks do, but then decided against it. I think I had a chance to post a lot of great photos this year and all you have to do is to visit my Photo Gallery and browse through them. If you already have Windows 8 and installed my “Travel Photography” application then you’ll see a slide show of a few of my favorites as well. Speaking of the app, I don’t think anyone on my visitors list have it installed yet, as it shows exact map location of each photo, and I forgot to hide it for this Friday Mystery Photo post, so anyone who had the app would see that it was taken in Savannah Georgia. My early new year wish for you is that somebody brings you some cool new Windows 8 device, so you can install my “Travel Photography” app, haha, yes a little self promotion does not hurt.

This photo was taken on my last business trip to Seattle, which was almost one year ago. I need to figure out how to go back there again, maybe will try to manage something later this summer. I took a few nice photos that evening, I actually did a little sprint to the top of observation deck for this one, I wanted to get this ferry into the frame at the right spot, and they move very fast, not waiting for some photographer to get his bearings and push the trigger.

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12 thoughts on “Puget Sound Sunset

  1. awesome shot! I was just up that way this past summer and I really loved it. I remember being in the town of Astoria, which is a little south of Seattle, and the view was very similar to your photo.

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