I took this photo last month as we drove down to Savannah Georgia. Usually I like to drive highways as it allows highest possible speed limit and usually can get you to your destination much faster. At the same time I like to see the road condition and usually look on my phone for what is going on with traffic. We saw a lot of red on highways and decided to take alternative routes and bypath all the bumper to bumper madness. While speed limit is much lower it actually allows you to see a bit of real country, something you’ll never see from a cookie cutter interstate highway, it even allows you pull over when needed and take a few photos.

We were driving  through endless fields of white cotton, which I must say I never done before. I guess it really gets ready for harvest around November, so it was all white, endless white fields, pretty cool site from the road. A few minutes before sunset I found a good place to pull over and take a few photos of the fading sun and some of the white. I wonder what these little globes of cotton end up in. Maybe somebody socks or jeans, or maybe it is not destined for any type of clothing at all, I have really no idea, what South Carolinian cotton is used for. Do you?

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  1. I imagine that South Carolina cotton is used pretty much like Georgia cotton. We use to have lots of mills here that used the cotton to make all types and colors of fabric. Unfortunately, the mills have fallen to the way side now and the companies have moved to other countries. I know one went to Mexico. Cotton is still grown in abundance here in Georgia, but after being cleaned is packed into bales and shipped to the mills wherever they are now. Many people have lost jobs here over the years due to these changes. Some brides even use the cotton on the stems to make wedding bouquets or in arrangements. : D It’s a beautiful state, as is South Carolina.

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