Friday Mystery Photo

I’m officially on vacation for the rest of the year, looking forward to some relaxing time and not doing whole a lot, well, that probably not going end up that way as I’ll do a lot, just not my primary job related…

As of today’s photo, I’ll give you a clue, probably dead giveaway clue. There are two towns with cool little downtowns, both have small marinas, and it happen that both have the same name. I took this photo in one of them. Sometime while back I actually posted some photos from another town. Where is this one?

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27 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. It’s a beautiful shot, but where in the world could it be? And there seem to be a special church of some kind that puzzles me. Somewhere on the Mexican coast, possibly very far south on the Californian coast? San Diego?

    1. It is in Beaufort South Carolina, right above Georgian border. I usually reveal the location of the “mystery” photo sometime on the following Saturday or Sunday.

  2. It’s a beautiiful shot. I knew someone who went there to live some years ago. I see why. Thanks for the like of my post “Early Morning Sky”.

  3. Wow amazing photo. I love that area of South Carolina. I haven’t made it to Beaufort yet, but I have heard it is beautiful. Now I see it is. Thank you for sharing! Thank you also for visiting my blog and liking my post.

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