Where is that Winter?

Two weeks into December and yet to have freezing temps in NC or Virginia. Don’t know about other states but here it is not promising to be anything like we see in this photo. Of course it never gets here like in this photo, but at least we need to have some type of winter signals from mother nature.

Timberline Lodge was fully covered with snow from the north side, very cool view that we rarely see anywhere on the East Coast (well maybe in North East). I stayed there overnight and would love to stay there again. See my view from the window next.

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I stayed in the tiny little room, almost like a closet, it was big enough for a bunk bed and just a little space to stand. Bathrooms and showers are common in the hall. But it was just enough for me to sleep over and catch some nice snowboarding and take some photos. My room was on the south side and was totally covered with snow. It was really cool, I think it was first for me to stay at a place that was fully covered with snow.


43 thoughts on “Where is that Winter?

  1. “That winter’s practicing right now”… I woke up to 36 degrees this morning; needed a fire in my fireplace because it was cold. I expect December 21st is the day when we can say, it begins our winter.

    1. it was totally safe, walls are very thick and the snow as you can see is about 3-4 inches from the window, no worries about caving, but it is for sure got dark very fast as sun went down

  2. Wow, it only snows here maybe once a year and then just a few inches. One year back in the 70’s I remember it snowed about a foot or so (kids remember larger so might not have been actually that much). I live south of Atlanta, so they usually get it before we do. It was 75 here the other way. That just seems wrong for December….LOL. Beautiful picture!

    1. We get snow in NC maybe once or twice each winter, so yes, you are like six+ hours south, have to get some freaky storm to get it down there

      1. Supposedly it is to snow here, or in Lagrange at least, one Wed. the 19th… Maybe you’ll get it too. 😀
        (I have family in NC… so I usually hear about it)

    1. thanks. I just slept there, thankfully they have huge lounging areas with humongous fireplaces, and a lot of sofas for folks to hang out. so that is where I spent my evening…

  3. Love the photo. We have not had much of a winter here in Chicago either. It’s been snowing all around us. We got a little dusting one day and then strong winds came and blew it all away. That’s why I was able to capture that “Frozen Drip”. It’s been so warm, people just didn’t do the normal winter preparation activity. Thanks for the like.

  4. Love the pics! The top picture is just gorgeous and the bottom picture cracks me up! I have never been in a place that is completely covered in snow like that…
    Thanks for the like! 🙂

  5. Really enjoy your photos. Reminds me of living in Sinona Creek, Alaska, Thisted, Denmark, Cleveland, Ohio, and White Fish, Montana. I’ve had to get used to leaving all my windows open at night so the muggy air gets blown out by the ocean breeze. It’s always good to be reminded of where you’ve been to realize where you are. Look forward to more cold shots…Later!

  6. Hi Dimitrii! Love the photo, and agree it’s definitely not in NC. However I did get to Colorado this past Feb., so you can check out some photos I posted – marvelous to be in snow again. Thanks as well for liking my “Boggy Waters” post. Take care!

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