Friday Mystery Photo

I love those Mediterranean looking roofs. There is something earthily about them, don’t you think? I see many of them in US as well, so where is this one?

Saturday update…A few of you suggested that it is somewhere in Europe. It is Antalya Turkey!

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17 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. It really looks like southern California but the mountains in the backdrop makes me think somewhere in Southern Europe… maybe Spain?! That red flag on the right makes me think its something regional… that was another reason I didn’t think it was the US.

  2. To me they look central/East European – Croatian? Hungarian?

    As for the actual answer, there are mountains in the background and that slim tower looks not unlike a minaret.

  3. I get the impression you have been to Turkey a few times and would appreciate some ideas from a fellow photographer. We are flying into Istanbul and plan to spend two days there, then go somewhere else in Turkey, then return to Istanbul for a day, then home. Somewhere else has 8 to 10 days. I looked at some other photos and see that Antalya looks beautiful. If you can assist, please reply here or inbox, cheers Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, we were in Turkey only once, last summer. I post my photos out of band, as I process them, probably will post more photos from that trip over the next twelve month. We flew into Istanbul and immediately flew down to Antalya where rented car and went to our resort. Having car allowed us some flexibility to explore places outside of resort area, and not being stuck there, like most other tourists at those resorts. We spent there about 4 days and then flew back to Istanbul for the remainder of the week. I wish we had more time to explore other coastal regions and drive into the mountains, maybe next time. Have fun on your trip!

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