Istanbul Panorama

This photo was taken with Sony NEX-7 camera, using its panorama mode. This mode actually works pretty well after you get hold of the speed you should move the camera. If you have one, try it. I’m not big fan of the panoramas due to the fact that it is usually hard to see the entire photo in high resolution on the normal monitor.

Couple weeks ago we went to see latest James Bond movie, it starts with some action scenes in Istanbul. Since we spent whole 3 days during the summer in Istanbul, I was watching for details to see if it was in fact the Istanbul, the expert, hehe. Chasing scene on the bikes was pretty cool, way unrealistic, and they were out of the city (Grand Bazaar area) like in 15 seconds in some country foothills. But that is of course Hollywood, and Bond, nothing close to reality, but action packed and exciting nerveless!

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9 Responses to Istanbul Panorama

  1. That water looks rough. Nice photo.

  2. I know what you mean about panoramas, generally they are best viewed as large prints. Having said that, this is a great shot with a good right to left composition. I particularly like the boat on the right hand third as it really balances the shot.

  3. Fred Murphy says:

    Istanbul – one of the world’s most photogenic cities.

  4. kalabalu says:

    Waves are charged and where is James Bond 007 :))

  5. Ed Spadoni says:

    I just purchased the NEX 6 and am loving the panorama mode also. Great cameras.

  6. Taken 2 was shot in Istanbul – some scenes are almost the same as in James Bond. Spooky!

  7. isabellart says:

    what a beautiful photo !! I was just there and this picture is really amazing! Love Istanbul !!!

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