Wife Modeling

I have a few more Fall photos in my archive that I want to post, and admit it, here on the East Coast US we are still in pretty much middle of the Fall. Even though all leaves are gone, trees are naked, but it is about 70F today in Northern Virginia, today is December 4th, mind you.

One day after work back in late October we went for a short walk at Reynolda Gardens, this is the only tree that was in some orange heat at that time. My wife was modeling for me, resting on the bench, good job!

Click me!!!

6 thoughts on “Wife Modeling

  1. Nice photo! Beautiful Tree! I’ve never heard of Reynolda Gardens. Have you done the US Botanical Garden? I would love to go there, but just haven’t been able to. I think I might check out Reynolda. This weather has been very strange….I’m ready for the cold.

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