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Geo Tagging App

I just got two more apps into the Windows 8 App Store. They could be of interest to you guys as well. Majority of the DSLRs are not capable to tag photos with geo coordinates so you have to do it afterwards by some type of application. I put together a simple to use app that will let you choose your JPEG photos and assign them with GPS coordinates simply by dragging a pin on the map. I started tagging all of my photos with this app as of two days ago. The first app is free, but it has ads bar in the window, the second is not free (cost less than a cup of coffee, most everyone can afford it), but without any annoying ads and with the same functionality as the first one. So try the free one and if you find it useful, get the ads free one. See my Apps page for all of my Windows 8 apps that you can use!

Crabtree Falls

A few weeks ago we did a short hike to the Crabtree Falls. It was fairly busy there and I had to wait for the right opportunity to take a few photos without anyone in the frame. I did not do any type of ghost removal in this photo. As you might know, right now I’m shooting with D800 camera with its whooping 36 Mpx censor. When I zoom into this photo (at the native high resolution file) and with just water falls in the frame, the quality of it is pretty darn good. I’ll probably post this photo sometime again, but cropped to the waterfall only.

Cick me!!!

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